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Hardware reviews[edit]

Video Cameras[edit]

miniDV, DVCam, DVCpro, DV50[edit]


There is a large variety of software available, ranging from free solutions such as Windows Movie Maker/iMovie (included with any new PC/Mac), to professional solutions like Adobe Premier Pro (available for Windows and Mac OSX) and Final Cut Pro (Mac OSX only). There is also a number of programs in between: Adobe offers Premier Elements, essentially a stripped down version of Premier Pro, for more basic editing. Apple likewise offers Final Cut Express. If you are building a workstation specifically for editing, you are probably looking at something like Premier Pro. It should be noted that Adobe offers a Production Package that includes a number of titles from the Adobe family, including Premier, AfterEffects, and Photoshop Extended, all of which can be very useful for even more advanced editing than what Premier alone offers.

Software reviews[edit]

Top 10 Video Editing Software Review