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Hinawa (ヒナワ) is a non-playable character of Mother 3 and the wife of Flint. Her father is named Alec and her two sons are named [[./Lucas|Lucas]] and Claus. She makes brief appearances throughout the game.

Background[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The introduction of Mother 3 begins with Hinawa, Lucas and Claus staying at Alec's house. Later on in the prologue, Hinawa walks out of the house during dinner and writes a letter back home to Flint in Tazmily Village. The letter is sent by carrier pidgeon.

However, at the end of chapter one, Hinawa is killed by a Drago the Pig Army had been experimenting on on their way home from Alec's house. When Flint is told about this, he becomes very aggressive and violent towards the bystanders, until he is intentionally knocked out by Lighter with a heavy log and incarcerated in the Sheriff's Office overnight. Hinawa makes brief, yet important, appearances throughout the rest of the game. In chapter 6 she appears as a ghost to Lucas and leads him off a cliff (to safety, of course). Her most important appearance, however, is at the end of the game, when she tries to stop Claus (A.K.A. The Masked Man) from killing Lucas.

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