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Duster (ダスター, Dasutā) is one of the main characters of Mother 3. Duster is a thief, skilled at climbing mountainsides and walls using rungs that he carries with him everywhere. He is first introduced in chapter 1 of Mother 3, however Duster becomes the main protagonist in chapter 2. In a later part of this chapter, he is accompanied by his father, an old man named Wes.

Thief Items[edit | edit source]

  • Wall Stapler - Paralyses enemy.
  • Siren Beetle - Turns enemy around.
  • Hypnotism Ring - Puts enemy to sleep, and creates a beat to assist the player in performing combos.
  • Smoke Bomb - Clouds the enemy's vision, making them miss on physical attacks more often.
  • Scary Mask - Decreases enemy attack.
  • Tickle Stick - Decrease enemy defense.

Miscellanea[edit | edit source]

  • When Duster walks, he appears to limp on one leg. Wes alludes to an incident in his past that caused this. It is kept regardless of what he is wearing (such as when he is in the guise of a Pig Soilder)
  • Duster's in-game battle noise is a Bass Guitar, he also plays a Bass Guitar when he is with the DCMC band.