Modern Greek/LegacyLesson 5b

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Dialogue 1[edit]

Greeting others

Mark: Γειά σας.
Anna: Kαλημέρα.
Mark: Τι κάνετε;
Anna: Πολύ καλά και εσείς;
Mark: Πολύ καλά.


Γειά σας Hello!
Kαλημέρα Good morning
Τι κάνετε How are you?
Πολύ καλά Very well
Και εσείς And you?

Dialogue 2[edit]

Introducing yourself

Mark: Πως σε λέvε;
Anna: Mε λέvε Άvvα.


Πως How
σε λένε they call you
με λένε they call me

Dialog 3[edit]

Χαίρετε. Hello.
Χαίρετε. Hello.
Έχετε τσάι; Do you have tea?
Όχι, δεν έχουμε τσάι. Θέλετε νερό; No, we don't have tea. Do you want water?
Ναι, ευχαριστώ. Yes, thank you.

Audio recording: About this sound Modern_greek_1p.ogg
NOTE: This recording was made by a non-native speaker of Greek.
We would be grateful to any native speaker who could redo it.



νερό water
τσάι tea
θέλω to want
ευχαριστώ to thank