Modern Greek/LegacyLesson 3b

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Pronouns have cases, number and gender just as regular nouns do. To make the tables appear simpler, the pronouns have been separated into persons.

First Person
Singular Plural
Nominative εγώ I εμείς we
Genitive μου mine μας ours
Accusative με me μας us

Second Person
Singular Plural
Nominative εσύ you εσείς you
Genitive σου yours σας yours
Accusative σε you σας you

Third Person
Singular Plural
Gender M F N M F N
N αυτός αυτή αυτό he, she, it αυτοί αυτές αυτά they
G του της του his, her, its τους τους τους their
A τον την το him, her, it τους τους τα they