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OWL-DL[edit | edit source]

Let us begin with a focus on our running example: the Tracking Management System. Some of the key terms we use are related to containers and materials. Here are some containment laws[1]:

  1. The contents of any container must be known.
  2. Crates contain only packages.
  3. Packages contain only raw material.
  4. Liners contain only packages.
  5. Drums contain only pucks and liners.
  6. Pucks contain only one liner of non-liquor material.

Semantic Web Ontology Language[edit | edit source]

There is a very good overview of OWL which is publicly avaiiable.

Protégé-OWL[edit | edit source]

For practical work we suggest the Protégé-OWL editor.

Semantic Web Rule Language[edit | edit source]

A very brief overview of the SWRL is available.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Reading links[edit | edit source]

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