Mizar32/Models and Specifications

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Model Flash memory Internal SRAM SDRAM
Mizar32 A 512KB 64KB 32MB
Mizar32 B 256KB 64KB 32MB
Mizar32 C 128KB 32KB 32MB
  • Main processor: AVR32 UC3A0 @ 66 MHz
  • Internal fast SRAM: 32KB or 64KB with single-cycle access time
  • On-board SDRAM: 32MB with 2-cycle access time
  • Internal Flash memory: 128/256/512KB with single-cycle access time
  • External Flash memory: up to 4GB on micro SD card.
  • Internal operating Voltage: 3.3V with 5V input tolerant I/O
  • Digital I/O Pins: 66
  • Timer/Counter: 3 channel, 16-bit.
  • Analog-to-Digital input pins: 8 with 10-bit resolution measuring 0-3.3v at up to 384,000 samples per second
  • Stereo audio bitstream Digital-to-Analog Converter with 16 bit resolution at up to 48kHz
  • Pulse Width Modulation channels (PWM): 7
  • Universal Sync/Async RX/TX (USART): 2
  • Serial Periperal Interface (SPI): 2
  • Two-Wire Interface (TWI): 1, I2C-compatible at up to 400kbit/s
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB): 1 OTG host with dedicated cable.
  • Debug Port: JTAG connector
  • Ethernet MAC 10/100: 1 (requires add-on hardware module)
  • Oscillators: 2 (12MHz and 32768Hz)
  • Buttons: Reset button, user button
  • LEDs: Power LED, User LED
  • Power supply: 5V USB or 7.5V-35V DC, 80mA (base board) to 222mA (with all add-on modules)
  • Dimensions: 96,5mm x 63,5mm
  • Weight: 42.5 grams
  • Temperature range: -45 to +85°C

Embedded Hardware interfaces[edit | edit source]

  • MicroSD
  • USB
  • JTAG
  • Add-on bus connectors 1-6 interfaces on the Add-on Bus
  • 12 General Purpose I/O pins
  • 2 UARTs: one basic, one with modem control signals
  • 2 SPI
  • I2C interface with 2-way splitter
  • 8 ADC inputs
  • 3 high-resolution timers
  • Ethernet

Optional Stacked Modules[edit | edit source]