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Mirad Grammar/Stress

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Although stress in Mirad is not marked and is not phonemic, i.e. not semantically distinctive, in all words of more than one syllable, the stress occurs on the last, non-final vowel, including glided vowels. The following chart gives some examples:
Mirad Word With Stress and Syllabification Marked
tejna....vital tej-na
igay....quickly i-gay1
alayn....eleventh a-layn
Mirad....Mirad Mi-rad
booka....tired bo-o-ka2
bookan....fatigue bo-o-kan
akea....winning a-ke-a
oyse....lacks oy-se
byoskyin....pendulum byos-kyin
pyaon....wave pya-on
1 Here ay is a single post-y-glided, and final, so it is not stressed.
2 Two vowels in a row are pronounced in two syllables.
Here is a small passage where the stress of vowels in shown by underlining:
Hya tobi taje yiva ay gea be utfiz ay doyivi. Yit bulwe bay vyatex ay tyaf ay yeyfe hyuitaxler tidyenay.

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