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These Hokkien lessons are based on the Amoy dialect of Min Nan, native to the city of 廈門(Tai-lo : E7-mng5, Pinyin: Xiamen) in 福建(Fujian), China. The Amoy dialect is mutually intelligible with the dialects of 泉州(Tai-lo: Tsuan5-tsiu1, Pinyin: Quanzhou) and 漳州 (Tai-lo: Tsiang1-tsiu1, Pinyin: Zhangzhou), that border the city of Xiamen to the north and south respectively. In Taiwan, Taiwanese Hokkien is often referred to as just Taiwanese. In Southeast Asia, the Amoy and related Tsuan-tsiu and Tsiang-tsiu dialects are usually known as Hokkien.

The romanization scheme used for this book is the Taiwanese Hokkien Romanization System, which is very similar to Peh-oe-ji.

Lessons / khò-thêng

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Introduction / kài-siāu

Lesson Texts / khò-pún

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