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Run MINIX 3 on VMWare[edit | edit source]

  • Download the latest Minix VMWare machine from [1]

Installing VMWare[edit | edit source]

The following procedure was tested on Ubuntu.

  • Install the VMWare server from [2] (you will need a free VMWare serial number to install, you can obtain it from [3]).
  • To install the VMWare server type:
sudo ./
  • For a standard installation, hitting return for every question should work just fine.

Setting up the Virtual Machine[edit | edit source]

  • To start the VMWare server console type
  • Choose 'create a new virtual machine'
  • Create a custom virtual machine if the machine is on an external device, choose typical otherwise
  • When prompted for a virtual machine location, browse to the dowloaded Minix 3 VMWare machine
  • You can now start Minix 3 from the VMWare server console