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Minecraft resource gathering/Meat

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Acquiring meat[edit | edit source]

To get meat, craft a weapon and kill an animal. The recommended weapon to craft is a sword, but you can also use a bow and arrow if you would like to practice archery. Theoretically you can punch using any tool, item, or even with your bare hand, however a sword is recommended because it deals more damage, meaning you need less hits to kill the animal.

Food drops
Animal Droped food About the food and other tips Other drops
Cow Raw beef Can be cooked. Leather, milk can be obtained by using an empty bucket on it
Sheep Raw mutton Can be cooked. Consider shearing the sheep first if you can. Wool
Chicken Raw chicken Can be cooked. Poisonous if uncooked. Feathers. 1 Egg laid every 5 minutes if kept alive.
Pig Raw porkchop Can be cooked. None
Rabbit Raw rabbit Can be cooked. Consider killing rabbits with a bow at a distance to avoid detection. They are a pain to kill Rabbit's hide, rabbit's foot

Cooking meat[edit | edit source]

To cook meat, put it an a furnace or a smoker (for half the exp. points and half the time) with fuel, like coal or charcoal. Cooked meat restores a lot more hunger than raw meat, making it the preferred choice for consumption at a base or settlement, or when preparing for a journey.

It is still possible to eat raw meat in Minecraft for a slight hunger reduction, and this is common when players are on the go and need to eat something immediately (Presuming they are out of superior provisions). This is also fairly common in the early game, when players may not have furnace access. Players are not penalized for eating meat raw, unless that meat is raw chicken, then they will get food poisoning.

Real life inspiration[edit | edit source]

In real life, any undercooked or raw meat has an increased chance of carrying a foodborne illness. However raw chicken commonly carries the disease Salmonella, and so cooking chicken thoroughly to kill the disease is especially important, which is reflected in Minecraft.