Middle School Science/Introduction

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About This Book[edit | edit source]

This book is intended to be a complete replacement for science books in middle school (ages 12-15). Each section should be set up as a module that can be used independently of other modules.
Although there are many other informational textbooks, many are very complex and not suited for middle school students.
Many of the textbooks that are online lack resources for teachers. The purpose of this Wikibook is to provide teachers quiz and test questions, worksheets, and labs or activities to use in the classroom.

Basic Module Format[edit | edit source]

The modules for each section should follow this basic format

  • Concept: This is the basic idea of what this section is about. Each page should have a short concept that consists of clear, easy-to-understand sentences.
  • Examples: To keep the concepts as clear as possible, put all examples explaining that concept into this section. This section is intended to be added to and exapanded the most.
  • Optional module sections:
    • History: A brief history of the concept, such as how it was discovered, or how it was developed.
    • Review Questions: Include questions that would be good for a test or quiz
    • Activities/Labs: Include activities that can that might help students understand this concept.