Microsoft Certified IT Professional/Exam 70-444/Designing a Database Data Management Strategy

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Designing a Database Data Management Strategy

  • Design and manage SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.
    • Construct complex SSIS packages.
    • Design security for accessing packages.
    • Restart failed packages.
    • Troubleshoot or debug packages.
    • Deploy and move packages.
    • Schedule package execution.
    • Move packages to different servers.
  • Enforce data quality according to business requirements.
    • Establish the business requirements for quality.
    • Create queries to inspect the data.
    • Use checksum.
    • Clean the data.
  • Design data integrity.
    • Reconcile data conflicts.
    • Make implicit constraints explicit.
    • Assign data types to control characteristics of data stored in a column.
  • Design a strategy to manage data across linked servers.
    • Set up and manage linked servers.
  • Design a strategy to manage replication.
    • Design alerts.
    • Design a maintenance plan to monitor health, latency, and failures.
    • Verify replication.
    • Design a plan to resolve replication conflicts.
    • Design a plan to modify agent profiles.
    • Tune replication configuration.
  • Optimize a database control strategy to meet business requirements.
    • Verify that database change control procedures are being followed.
    • Identify all database objects related to a particular deployment.