Micronations/Micronational war/Emerian-American War

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Emerian-American War

May, 2013

When American police illegally crossed the Emerian border, and captured two off duty Emerian soldiers as tourists who were falsely accused for undisclosed reasons in Corpus Christi TX, the Emerian Premier Alexander Meade was immediately notified of the incident by the U.S.R.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With multiple failed attempts in requesting the release of the two POWs, an infuriated Emerian Government was given the order by Premier Alexander Meade to launch a covert operation into Corpus Christi with Emerian Naval Commando forces.

In the conclusion of the two hour stand off that ensued between Emerian Naval Commandos and American Police, the tension eventually ended with the release of the two Emerian POWs and the Emerian forces returning to the U.S.R.E. with them. The aftermath led to a Cold-War like rivalry between the Socialist nation of the U.S.R.E. and the Capitalist nation of the United States.