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Stratosphere This layer of atmosphere is continuing to Troposphere. The range of atmosphere in this layer is 20 – 48 km. The border of Troposphere and Stratosphere we called “Tropopause” and the higher border is connecting to Ozone layer. The temperature at 20 km. is starting at -60 Degree Celsius. The temperature will increase 2 Degree Celsius in every kilometer of height. At 48 km. from ground the air temperature is 0 Deg. Celsius. The component of the atmosphere in this layer is 19.9 percent of air mass. However, the weather in this layer is well than stratosphere, because the air is dryer than stratosphere. If we are compare the density of air mass in this layer and the lower layer. We will know the density of air mass in this layer is big lighter than the lower layer. Some groups of cirrus clouds will buoyant in this layer. For airplanes, they will cruise in the lower attitude of this layer.