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The Fujita Scale is a measure of how powerful a tornado is, it is a scale between 0-5, 0 being barely any damage to 5 being very damaging. There are two Fujita scales the original and the Enhanced.

Original Fujita Scale

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Enhanced Fujita Scale

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The Enhanced Fujita Scale also known as the EF scale had first become operational on February 1st, 2007, replacing the old Fujita Scale which was also known as the F scale. The Enhanced Fujita Scale was a revision of the Fujita Scale to better reflect the damage surveys to align the wind speeds more closely with the damage, the Enhanced Fujita Scale had also had to do with how the structures were designed. The Enhanced Fujita Scale rates a tornado from EF0 to EF5 based on the "estimated windspeeds" of the tornado and the damage it caused. When the damage caused by the Tornado, they use Damage Indicators (DI's) and Degrees of Damage (DoD's) that helps them estimate the wind speed of the tornado, to which then the tornado is given a rating. [1]


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