Metal Gear Series/Outer Heaven Uprising

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The following events take place in Metal Gear. This transcript is taken from the "Previous Operations" section of Metal Gear Solid.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The year is 1995. Deep in South Africa, 200km north of Garzburg, Outer Heaven- an armed fortress nation, established by the legendary mercenary. He was feared in combat by both his friends and foes as a hero and a lunatic. The "Western" nations have found that a weapon of mass destruction capable of rewritting war history is under development at Outer Heaven. They have called upon the high-tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND to take care of the situation. In response to this order, Big Boss, the commander-in-chief of FOX-HOUND, sent Gray Fox, the man with the code name "Fox" which is given to the best member of the unit "Operation intrude N313"

After a few days, his last message being "Metal Gear..." Gray Fox was missing in action. Taking the situation seriously, the top men of the "West" again called for FOX-HOUND. Big Boss selected Solid Snake, who had recently joined FOX-HOUND, as the agent and entrusted everything to him.

Successfully making a solo infiltration to Outer Heaven, Snake got in touch with local resistance members Schneider, Diane and Jennifer. With their co-operation, Snake suceeded in rescuing Gray Fox. Gray Fox laid out the terrifying facts about "Metal Gear" Metal Gear was the development name of a nuclear warhead-equipped two-legged walking tank. It can walk through over the toughtest terrains that would stop normal tanks. It can conduct local warfare by itself with unique weapons like its vulcan-cannon and anti-tank missiles. It was indeed a new type of weapon that can conduct a nuclear attack against any place on the face of the Earth from any land surface...

With Metal Gear, Outer Heaven was trying to establish its military superiority over the entire world. In order to destroy Metal Gear, Snake rescued Metal Gear's chief engineer Dr. Pettrovich and his daughter, Elen, who was taken hostage to force her father to continue with his development. Snake hears from Dr. Pettrovich how to destroy Metal Gear.

However, as Snake approached the heart of Outer Heaven and Metal Gear, well designed traps are set all around Snake- as if his actions are being leaked to the enemy...

In the midst of the escalating battle, the leader of the resistance, Schneider, fell into the hands of the enemy, and Snake himself was injured through the deadly battles with Outer Heaven's best mercenaries. But Snake's indomitable spirit lead him to the 100th floor basement of the secret base where Metal Gear was developed. Evading the powerful defense system that wipes out all intruders, Snake ultimately succeeded in destroying Metal Gear.

Snake tried to escape from Outer Heaven upon completing the mission. However, during the escape he was comfronted by one man- FOX-HOUND's commander-in-chief Big Boss. Big Boss laughed at the astounded Snake and told him the truth behind his mission. While serving as commander-in-chief of FOX-HOUND Big Boss also ran a mercenary dispatch company utilizing his connections and capitals from his own years as a merc. He was planning on to build this company a larger military establishment, and he built Outer Heaven as its base. His purpose for sending the rookie Snake was to cause information confusion amongst the west. However, Big Boss miscalculated. He never thought Solid Snake would make it this far...

Having lost Metal Gear, Big Boss activated the self-destruct system of the underground base. While the countdown to destruction continued, his screamed echoed in the emptiness


On the 100th floor basement, the battle between the two men commenced- free of ideology and politics. The armed fortress nation Outer Heaven collapsed. The impenetrable fortress made from the best military technology and occupied by the toughest mercenaries burned in flames. Behind him, the flames reached skyward, as Outer Heaven fell leaving Solid Snake all alone...