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This guide will cover the basics of DoubleSoul and Chaos Unison (here, collectively referred to as Soul Unisons), introduced in Battle Network 4 and Battle Network 5, respectively.

How to use[edit | edit source]

Firstly, Soul Unisons must be performed while MegaMan is in either normal, angry, or full-synchro emotions (curiously, this also means you are unable to use Chaos Unisons in dark mode). To perform a Soul Unison, select an appropriate chip and use the "Unite" option. The unison cannot be undone by pressing B. The chip sacrificed cannot be used for the remainder of the battle. Note that Soul Unison is effectively a chip that you send to MegaMan with no particular coding, so you can send four more chips to MegaMan, as normal. Before the battle resumes, the Soul Unison is performed, and the Emotion Window changes to show DoubleSoul MegaMan. Chaos Unisons require the sacrifice of a DarkChip, but are otherwise performed the same as regular DoubleSouls.

While in Soul Unison you will not gain some benefits from the Navi Customizer (most notably, Shield and Reflect cease to work until you lose the unison). You can only unite with a soul once in battle (ie. you can use Soul Unisons up to six times, one for each soul in the game), and you cannot sacrifice your regular chip for Soul Unisons. You also cannot go into Full Synchro while a Soul Unision is in effect. DoubleSoul lasts for three turns (but can be reduced or extended in Battle Network 5 with the use of the SoulTime+1 Navi Customizer part and various e-Cards), while Chaos Unisons last for only one turn and cannot be extended.

While in Soul Unison you will gain particular benefits, including a change in charged shot, BattleChip bonuses, and the like. Chaos Unisons replace the normal DoubleSoul's charged shot with the DarkChip sacrificed (but without the negative effects of the DarkChip, although you get the DarkChip glitch whenever you lose the Chaos Unison). However, the charged shot must be released when the charge is purple in color, or an indestructible Dark MegaMan will appear and generally wreak havoc on you (on top of losing your Chaos Unison). Having said that, some say that this is the only real use for DarkChips.

Here's a list of Soul Unisons that you can perform.

Chip type MegaMan Battle Network 4 MegaMan Battle Network 5
Red Sun Blue Moon Team Colonel Team ProtoMan
Fire FireSoul NapalmSoul
Water AquaSoul ToadSoul
Electric ThunderSoul MagnetSoul
Wood WoodSoul TomahawkSoul
Sword ProtoSoul ProtoSoul
Wind WindSoul GyroSoul
Cracking GutsSoul
Breaking MetalSoul KnightSoul
Aiming SearchSoul
Invisibility SearchSoul ShadowSoul
Summonings JunkSoul ColonelSoul
Recovery RollSoul MeddySoul
Plus/Minus NumberSoul NumberSoul

Unisons and DarkChips[edit | edit source]

DoubleSoul improves your karma, while DarkChips lower them (thus, Chaos Unisons do not alter them). In Battle Network 5, if you use a DarkChip while in Soul Unison, you will be immediately brought out of Soul Unison, and you will suffer from the effects of your DarkChip. Curiously, you are unable to even Chaos Unison while in dark mode.

Soul Unision descriptions[edit | edit source]

Battle Network 4 Souls[edit | edit source]

Red Sun[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Soul
    • Charge Shot: FireArm- Shoots flames 3 panels straight for 50 damage.
    • Enables charge of fire chips for Fire Arm: Shoots flames 5 panels straight for 150 damage.
    • Restores HP from Lava panels.
    • Creates some grass panels upon activation.
  • Thunder Soul
    • Charge Shot: ZapRing- Ring of electricity shot straight for 20 damage, also causes paralysis. All neutral and electric chips gain a paralysis effect.
  • Wind Soul
    • Normal shot: Air Blast- A weakened AirShot attack. Inflicts 5 damage, but knocks opponents back one row.
    • Charge Shot: Wind Racket- A WideSword-oriented fan attack. The opponent is sent to the back row.
    • NorthWind effect is applied upon activation, destroying the opponent's aura or barrier.
    • Air and FloatShoes effects are applied.
    • Fan effect is applied throughout the use of the soul, which brings opponent to the front constantly.
  • Guts Soul
    • Charge Shot: Guts Punch- A really big fist attacks a square ahead.
    • +30 to neutral chips.
    • Rapidly pressing the B button activates Machine Gun Mode; invincibility goes into effect while firing rapidly.
  • Roll Soul
    • Charge Shot: Roll Arrow- Shoots an arrow for 30 damage. All chips are destroyed upon infliction.
    • Restores 10% to HP with every Chip used, except Recovery chips.
  • Search Soul
    • Charge Shot: Scope Gun- Homes in on closest opponent and shoots them 5 times for 10 damage each.
    • SHUFFLE command is activated, allowing 'shuffling' of the chips in the Custom Screen. Chips can be shuffled only three times per turn.
    • Upon activation, all opponents that are invisible revert to normal.

Blue Moon[edit | edit source]

  • Aqua Soul
    • Charge Shot: Bubble Shot- shoots an aqua shot for 20 damage. Inflicts damage behind the initial impact.
    • Charges Aqua Chips for double damage.
    • No slipping on ice.
  • Blues/Proto Soul
    • Charge Shot: Wide Sword- a sword attack that inflicts 80 damage.
    • Sword chips can be charged for double damage and a StepSword effect (jump two squares ahead, slash).
    • Back+B can be used to deflect 50 damage to enemies directly in front.
  • Junk Soul
    • Charged Shot: Poltergeist- sends any obstacle to any ememy for 100 damage.
    • Each Turn, two used chips are "recycled".
    • All enemies are confused upon unison. No effect on enemies protected by auras.
  • Metal Soul
    • Charge Shot: Metal Fist- a fist attack that inflicts 150 damage.
    • Charges Breaking and neutral chips for double damage.
    • Buster has a BreakBuster effect.
  • Number Soul
    • Charge Shot: Dice Bomb- a dice attack that deals 10X damage depending on the number rolled.
    • 10 BattleChips in the Custom screen.
    • All offensive Battle Chips gain 10 damage.
  • Wood Soul
    • Charge Shot: Twister- an 8-hit tornado attack that inflicts 10 damage two panels ahead.
    • Unaffected by status ailments (paralysis, blind, etc.)
    • A "Gaia" effect is activated.

Battle Network 5 Souls[edit | edit source]

Team Colonel[edit | edit source]

Knight Soul: Sracfice Breaking Chips.

    • Charge Shot: Royal Recking Ball
    • Using Battle Chip in front Row give Invicatblity for a short time.
    • Immune to Stun Status.
      • KnightChaos: Sacrifice Dark Breaker Chip
        • Charge Shot: Royal Recking ball.

  • Shadow Soul: Sacrifice Invisibility Chips.
    • Charge Shot: LongSword- Inflicts 90 damage two panels ahead.
    • AntiDamage: Pressing Back + B before taking an attack will use the AntiDmg ability. You will take no damage, and throw a shuriken for 50 damage
    • Ninja Slash: Sword chips can be charged to attack the enemy from behind.
    • OmniShoes: Unaffected by panel effects (ice, fire, swamp, magnet, sea).
    • Speed: Movement speed increases.
      • ShadowChaos:Sacrifice DarkInvis
        • ChargeShot:DarkInvs- MegaMan goes berserk, becoming invicible for a period of time and unloading rapid Buster Shots and using random Chips and ProgramAdvances.

  • Tomahawk Soul: Sacrifice Grass chips
    • Charge Shot: Tomahawk Swing- a two by three tomahawk attack that deals 100-110 damage.
    • GrassStage: Grass panels form upon activation.
    • Wood Body: HP recovery on grass panels is in effect.
    • EarthEnergy: Grass chips deal double damage while standing on a grass panel. The panel will be cleared after the attack.
      • TomahawkChaos: Sacrifice DarkLance
        • Charge Shot: DarkLance- Wood type spears appear in your opponents back row dealing 400 damage. It also pushes the opponent forward.

  • Number Soul: Sacrifice +/- chips
    • Charge Shot: Dice Bomb- A bomb attack. The number on the dice determines how much damage it deals. (Depending on how far you are in the game, or your Navi Customizer, this attack can do X10 X20 or X30 amount shown on dice)
    • All neutral chips gain a 10 damage bonus.
    • Ten chips are awarded in the Custom Screen.
      • NumberChaos: Sacrifice DarkPlus
        • ChargeShot: DarkPlus- Grants 50 additional damage to the current chip. WALRUS
  • Toad Soul:Sacrifice Aqua Chips WAlRUS
    • Charge Shot: Shocking Melody- A paralyzing note attack that deals 30 damage.
    • Slipping on ice is negated. MegaMan is able to hide in Sea panels.
    • Liquid Body: You take 2x damage from electric attacks. You take 4x damage from electric attacks while standing on an ice or sea panel.
    • Aqua chips can be charged for double damage.
      • ToadChaos:Sacrifice DarkWide
        • Charge Shot:DarkWide- A 3 panel wide aqua-type attack shoots to the end of the area, regardless of objects in its way, dealing 300 damage.

  • Colonel Soul: Sacrifice Object Summon chips
    • Charge Shot: Screen Divide- Attacks 3 squares ahead, and two additional diagonal panels behind initial attack. Range is unlimited if enemy is directly in front of player.
    • Arm Change: Abillity to change charge shot to any standard-class, normal-type, attack-valued chip.
    • Colonel Army: Whenever your opponent stands in front of or behind an object, (RockCube,TimeBomb,Anubis) the object transforms into a soldier and attacks with a sword or rifle depending on the position of enemy.
      • ColonelChaos:Sacrifice DarkSound
        • Charge Shot: DarkSound- Paralyzes the enemy for a few seconds with a Trumpy.

Team ProtoMan[edit | edit source]

  • Magnet Soul: Sacrifice Electric Chips
    • Able to charge electric chips for double damage by holding (A)
    • Back + B combo: Gravity Pull - If an opponent is in the same row as you when you use this, they are stuck for a couple of seconds.
    • Charge shot: Magnet Grab - A magnet attack that pulls the enemy forward and deals 40 damage. The enemy is placed in a paralysis state.
    • Magnet panels effects are negated
      • MagnetChaos: Sacrifice DarkThunder
        • Charge Shot: DarkThunder- a paralyzing thunder ball attack that inflicts 200 damage.
  • Gyro Soul: Sacrifice Wind Chips
    • After using a Normal or Wind Chip, back propeller begins to spin and your next wind or normal chip deals 2X damage
    • Air, Float, and ShadowShoes are enabled.
    • Charge shot: Tornado Arm- Tornado does 3 hits to three panels in front of MegaMan. The first panel takes one hit, the second panel takes two hits, and the third panel takes three hits.
      • GyroChaos: Sacrifice DarkTornado
        • Charge Shot: DarkTornado- an 8-hit tornado attack that inflicts 100 damage two panels ahead.
  • Napalm Soul: Sacrifice Fire Chips
    • Fire chips gain +40 attack
    • Fire chips can also be charged into homing Napalm Bombs for twice the chip damage
    • Stepping over a Lava Panel turns the panel normal and gives you +10 attack for your next fire chip
    • Charge shot: Fire Vulcan - Three rapid-fire fire-elemental shots that damage the enemy and the panel behind it
      • NapalmChaos: Sacrifice DarkMeteor
        • Charge Shot: DarkMeteor- a meteor attack that shoots meteors from the sky. Inflicts 100 damage and cracks panels.
  • Search Soul: Sacrifice Aiming Chips
    • Able to shuffle your chips three times, making program advances easier to achieve
    • Invisibility doesn't work for the enemy
    • Charge Shot: Scope Gun - Shoots five rapid-fire shots at the panel of the closest enemy.
      • SearchChaos: Sacrifice DarkCircle
        • Charge Shot: Covers seven of the eight exterior panels dealing 300 damage each.
  • Meddy Soul: Sacrifice Healing Chips
    • Able to add effects to chips using different-colored pills that show up below your normal chip selection. The colors and pill effects are as follows:
      • Pink: Recover HP when you use your chip
      • Yellow: Confusion
      • White: Paralysis
      • Black: Blinding
      • Purple: HP Bug (drain HP of enemy, but this only works in NetBattles with other people)
    • Charge shot: Capsule Bomb - A bomb attack that lands three panels ahead. Damage will be dealt three panels across if untouched.
      • MeddyChaos: Sacrifice DarkRecovery
        • Charge Shot: DarkRecovery- restores 1000 HP.
  • Proto Soul: Sacrifice Sword Chips
    • Charge Shot: WideSword - A normal WideSword attack that deals 80 damage.
    • Back + B combo: Uses shield to reflect attacks to cause damage to the enemy
    • Sword chips can be charged for double damage. A StepSword effect also ensues.
      • ProtoChaos: Sacrifice DarkSword
        • Charge Shot: DarkSword- a sword attack that deals 400 damage in a two by three range.