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The Megaman Guide to Battle Network Characters! (Has 3 to after first literation match of 5 Colenel (not Protoman).)

Good Side (not complete)

Lan Hikari A middle/high school student with a knack for saving the world. Usally wears orange shirt and jeans,and wears a blue headband to keep his usally unkept hair in place. He uses the world famous blue bomber Megaman.EXE to battle!

Megaman.EXE Lan Hikari's cyber-reincarnated brother Hub Hikar. In MegamanBN 3 he nearly died saving the world from Bass.EXE, then was found in a part of Alpha, so he was taken out of the massive virus and given back to Hikari. In MegamanBN 4 he nearly lost himself to his DrkSoul, but in the end, he proved to Duo that the Earth wasn't worth destroying (by beating the crap out of him).

Battle Info

Weapon- Buster Gun -A normal Shot. Everyone has this. Charge- Charge Buster -Does 10x the normal damage.

NOTE: Has different affects for Different Souls/types.

Metal- Fist slam -does 20x damage, plus destroyes panel. Aqua- Bubble Shot -10x normal Hits one behind enemy. Wind- Tornado Shoot -10x normal pushes back one. Junk- Throws random objects. Number- I do not know (fix this!) Proto- 20x Normal. Wide sword. Bug- Gltches Enemy. Guts- Don't know PLEASE FIX Roll- Don't know PLEASE FIX Glide- Don't know PLEASE FIX NOT COMPLETE

Type Guts- Sometimes does Machine Gun NOT COMPLETE

Special - None Power - Long Sword - Longsword affect

Dr. Hikari and Mom Hikari Lan's Mom and Dad. They have various roles throughout the game, mostly bearing plot or tutorial. Mom always wears an apron, and Dad always wears a lab coat. None have a identifiable Navi.

DEX Owner of Gutsman. He is fat, and moves away in the third games. He comes back though.

Gutsman.EXE Gives you GutsSoul. Of corse, he is the best portrayal of Gutsman to date, and has the coolest power. He breaks all the panels in front of you, while dealing 50+ dmadge.

Battle Info: missing

Mayl Lan's crush and owner of Roll. Many time she will need your help, as with beating the crap out of a disfunctional Washing Machine Program, to saving Roll from Viruses.

Roll.EXE Though you save her, SHE SAVES YOU MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT! Her power is useful. She deals 10+ damage multiple times (up to 5 I think) and heals you with the taken damage. Many times, I have won a battle with her.

Battle info: missing

Yai A 8 year old billionaire. I do not know much about Glide so I wont talk much.

Claud He's a lonley guy who walks around and competes in tournaments. His father emphasizes on winning the tournaments, to he tells Claud not to hand with Lan. Of course, he holds Protoman (blues)

Protoman.EXE A very cool Navi with a sword. I dont know much about him.

Bayrl He is obviously my favorite character. He operates the Colonel Task Force in the 5th game. Colonel, his Navi is the best Navi I have ever controlled.

Colonel.EXE They say to walk softly and carry a big stick. This guy isn't too soft. His gun fires slow, but deals 2x Megaman damadge, plus his sword attack is awesome.

Buster Cannon- Fires very slow, but does 2x Megaman damage. Charge- V sword. Attacks in a V pattern.

Special- C Megacannon. He fires a HUGE cannon, obliterating everything in the back row and in his way. Don't get caught!

Power- Screen Divide - Wide Sword affect.

Evil Peoples