Mega Man Battle Network/Combat Basics

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Combat in MegaMan Battle Network is done through the use of a 6-by-3 grid, with each square in the grid being called a panel. Each panel has either a red or blue border, denoting which player can use it. There is never at any time a panel that can be used by both sides at the same time. Against the computer, the player will always be on red-bordered panels.

The objective is to reduce the hit points of the opposing side to zero. Against the computer, the player may face up to three viruses, or a boss navi with several obstacles.

Panel Types[edit | edit source]

There are many different types of panels in Battle Network. They are:

  • Cracked Panels - these panels become broken when someone steps off the panel. Having the correct Type or program, you can go over it.
  • Broken Panels - these are impassible panels. The panel will regenerate to a normal panel over time. Having the correct Soul or program, you can go over it.
  • Holes - another impassible panel, but they don't look broken. Instead they are missing. They are there at the beginning of the battle and cannot be changed EVER. Some Giga-chips need these to work. Not many Chips make Holes.
  • Grass Panels - These panels have grass on them. Plantman and the Wood Type from MMBN 3 will gain health. They are destroyed when cracked, destroyed, or burnt, or a terrian changing chip is used.
  • Ice Panels These annyoing panels make you slip. They look shiney blue. When you step on one, you move across it untill you hit a wall, or a dry spot. They are destroyed when fire is applied to it, cracked, destroyed, or you use a terrian changing chip is used. Having the correct Type or program, you can go over it.
  • Fire/Lava Panels Another annoying one. Having the correct Soul/Type or program, you can go over it, but most likley, you'll want to get rid of them. They take up 10 (20 if you have the wrong Soul/Type) 50HP(100 if you have a WoodStyle) if you step on them, but they disappear. They are destroyed with Water, Cracked, Destoryed, and Terrian Chips. A barrier will allow you to walk on them.
  • Metal Panels These cannot be destroyed by anything but Terrian Change Chips like LavaStg.
  • Poison These slowly seep at your health, totally disregarding the Barrier or Invis chip you may use. They don't do Elemental damage, and they are annyoing. Also some virisus make poison gas and some glitches may do the same thing.

Buster and Charge Shots[edit | edit source]

Regardless of the navi you are using (most likely MegaMan), each navi will have a buster attack that is done by pressing the B button and a charged attack that is done by holding down the B button for a longer period of time. With MegaMan, the MegaBuster will only do one point of damage initially and have a long cooldown and charge time. The attacks can be made more powerful through PowerUps in Battle Network and Battle Network 2 and with Navi Customizer parts in later games.