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The following is the timeline of events for the classic Mega Man series. This timeline takes into account the official dates given in such sources as Rockman Perfect Memories as well as builds off of those dates in order to figure out what year/date other events take place in. The series of games officially spans from 200X to 20XX, and the following is the timeline of events:

20th century[edit | edit source]

  • Circa 1958: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily are born (Wily is officially stated by Capcom to be 57-years-old by Rockman & Forte in that game's Japanese manual).
  • 1980s: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily receive PhDs in Electrical Engineering.
  • 1990s: Dr. Thomas Light and Albert Wily form Light Labs.

21st century[edit | edit source]

  • 2000s (200X time period): Dr. Light and Wily create many robots and eventually work on the Robot Master project, creating Blues (Proto Man), who runs away during AI testing, Rock, Roll, and the six industrial Robot Masters.
  • 2007 (as stated in Rockman Perfect Memories): Dr. Thomas Light receives the Nobel Prize for the creation of the Robot Masters and he receives top honors in the manual design contest at LIT while Wily only received honorable mention.
  • December 2008 (officially December 200X): The events of Mega Man (NES).
  • 2009: The events of Mega Man 2 (NES) and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy).
  • 2010 (the first game with a 20XX date): The events of Mega Man 3 (NES).
  • 2011: The events of Mega Man II (Game Boy), Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Genesis), and Mega Man 4 (NES).
  • 2012: The events of Mega Man III (Gameboy), Mega Man's Soccer (SNES), Wily and Right's Rockboard (Famicom), and Mega Man 5 (NES).
  • 2013: The events of Mega Man IV (Gameboy), Super Adventure Rockman (Saturn, Playstation), and Mega Man V (Gameboy).
  • 2014: Mega Man 6 (NES), Mega Man 7 (SNES), Rockman Kiki Ippatsu, and Rockman: The Power Battle (Arcade) - The latter three take place within 2 weeks.
  • 2015: The events of Mega Man 8 (Saturn, PlayStation) and Rockman & Forte/Mega Man & Bass (SNES/Gameboy Advance).
  • 2016: The events of Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade), Rockman Battle & Chase (PlayStation), and Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future (WonderSwan).
  • 2017: The events of Rockman Strategy (PC)
  • Circa 2040: Dr. Light and Wily die of old age (they would be 82 years old).