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Basic Organic atoms and molecules[edit]

Water and Solutes[edit]

Chemical bonds[edit]

there are generally two types of bonds:-

1)intra{within}molecular forces

2)inter{between}molecular forces

the intramolecular forces,are forces of attraction between atoms in a molecule i.e. the force of attraction between atoms that forms molecules e.g. ionic and covalent bonding.

the intermolecular forces,are ones between molecules that forms substances e.g. van deer waals,dipole-dipole,hydrogen bonds

ionic bond[edit]

Covalent Bonds[edit]

Hydrogen Bonds[edit]

when H is bonded to more electronegative elements (especifically- F2,O2,N2),H carries a partial positive charge

'due to the electronegativity difference' which enable it to bond with the more electronegative element in adjacent molecule,thus H acts as a bridge between the more electronegative atoms in adjacent molecule.

H bond can be viewed as special type of permenant dipole-dipole force.

Metabolism and Reactions[edit]