Autoclaves Operation and Maintenance

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Major Parts of the Steris Rennaisance 3011[edit]

Steris Rennaisance 3011 autoclave.

Boiler, chamber, control system.


Main switch on wall; do not touch; Standby/Power switch on console; user operated. Cycle selector buttons on console; user operated.

Gauges snd Sensors[edit]

Sight glass showing water level and Bourdon gauge showing pressure in the boiler of the Steris 3011.

Boiler, chamber, jacket.


Hi/Low, steam, flush.

States of the Machine[edit]

Off: [main switch on wall]. Standby: power to computer but boiler is cold; [console switch]. Powered: boiler at full temperature and pressure; [console switch]. Running: cycle under control of computer; [started by console button].

Operating Procedure[edit]

Mark log. Switch from "Standby" to "Power". In approximately 20 minutes the boiler pressure should increase to ~60 psi. If you have not marked the log, do that while waiting. Flush boiler at 10-15 psi after about 10 minutes warmup. Load. A liquid should always be in a stainless steel tub. Close and seal door. Note double hinge. Choose one of the four cycles. Flash is a rapid cycle for solid material only. The Liquid cycle has long heating and cooling gradients. Check parameters. Check parameters. Check parameters. Adjust if necessary. Check Hi/Low valve. Change if necessary.

1.LIQUID STER=45m TEMP=250 F Valve=LOW

3.WASTE STER=40m TEMP=270 F DRY=20m Valve=HIGH

2.FLASH STER=5m TEMP=270 F DRY=1m Valve=HIGH

4.GRAVITY STER=30m TEMP=250 F DRY=15m Valve=LOW

Start cycle. Wait. A tone will signal completion of the cycle. Respect any instruction on the display when opening the door. Unload. Restore parameters. Record any abnormal observation in log.

Safety Precautions[edit]

Opening the flush valve when the boiler is hot can cause a small burn from a water droplet or from a leak at the sight glass. Use a glove. A sealed bottle can explode. Do not heat an enclosed fluid. Use the Liquid cycle when appropriate.

Abnormal Conditions[edit]

Operating with no record in log; ask user to update log. Alarm; press reset. If chamber fails to cool, shut off steam supply. Correct the problem and start cycle again. Door mechanism is stuck; press center hub in. Door will not open; look for loose screw on lower edge of the outer cover of the door. Door will not close; look for loose screw on lower edge of the outer cover of the door. Leakage of steam; report to Jen or Peter. Water splashing out of settling tank, probably from flushing at too high a pressure; skip the flush when pressure exceeds 20 psi.

Maintenance Procedures[edit]

Tightening and Replacement of Sight Glass Gaskets[edit]

The sight glass is sealed by compression of a rubber gasket in the annular space between the glass and the upper and lower valve bodies. Compression is achieved by action of the large nut pressing against a compression ring bearing on the end of the gasket.

Safety Valve Test and Replacement[edit]

Solenoid Valve Overhaul[edit]

Temperature Calibration[edit]

External References[edit]

CDC: Disinfection and Sterilization

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