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Mediawiki supports the use of images in various formats. In order to be used in a wiki, image first needs to be uploaded, to which we come later.

Placing images

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The following is an overview of placing images into pages, such images that have already been uploaded.

Placing of images
Task Markup Default Frame Note
Image [[Image:image_name.png]] No The image is shown in its full size as found in the file.
Image with thumb [[Image:image_name.png|thumb|A caption text of the image.]] Yes Thumbs are always scaled down so as not to exceed an upper limit on the size.
Image without thumb, with restricted size [[Image:image_name.png|150px]] No


  • 'right'
  • 'left'
  • 'center'
  • 'none'


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Images can be put into a gallery as follows. Notice the absent "[[" and "]]" around the names of the image files.


Images in galleries can be given captions, as follows.

Image:name_1.png | Caption 1.
Image:name_2.jpeg | Caption 2.

Uploading images

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