Mazda Guide/Protege 5/Installing Aftermarket Stereo

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Can't remove it till break the face of radio.

What You Need[edit]

  • Wiring Harness
    • You can pick these up at most electronics stores
  • Mounting Harness / Pocket
    • You can order these from Mazda (BJ1H-66-9M0) or find them elsewhere


  • You should try and wire the ground lead from your new stereo to the chassis if at all possible
  • Remember to put the rubber tab on at the back of your new stereo (this helps keep it stable)
  • Your car will sound quite different after you are done, even with factory speakers!

Steps (Single DIN)[edit]

  1. Connect your wiring harness to your new stereo's wiring harness
    • Don't forget to connect extra wiring from the ground and +battery if you plan on adding any amps
    • My wiring harness was missing pins for 11 and 12, so I going to have to buy an extra pin for 12 and insert it myself, until then I will just do without the illumination functionality.
  2. Remove the factory stereo or remove your old aftermarket stereo
  3. Slide the stereo sleeve (that metal frame thing that came with your stereo) into the mounting harness, it should be fairly snug
  4. Now slide your mounting harness into the hole in the dash, this should also be quite snug
    • My mounting harness had small clips around the edges that snapped into place, i had to give it a few shoves for it to snap into place
  5. Use a flathead screwdriver to depress the tabs on the sleeve to keep the sleeve in place (it shouldn't move around afterwards)
    • Just visually inspect which tabs to depress, whichever ones would most help keep it in place
  6. Now connect the wires and wiring harness to your stereo, including the auxiliary input wires if you have any
    • remember to thread the aux wires through to somewhere first
    • try and get the bulk of the wiring tucked down behind the pocket
    • connecting the antenna wire last seems to work best
  7. now slide the new stereo into the sleeve, it will snap once it is in place
    • if it seems like the stereo won't go any further and its sticking out, this is probably because the rubber tab at the back of the stereo is not lined up with the hole in the back, pull the stereo out a little then press on the bottom part only (to lift the bottom up) or the top part only (to push the top down).
  8. put the trim around your new stereo, turn on the car and try 'er out

Steps (Double DIN)[edit]

  1. Connect your wiring harness to your new stereo's wiring harness
  2. Remove the factory stereo or remove your old aftermarket stereo
  3. Plug in the new stereo and pop it in


  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-pins.jpg
    • Pin 1: Green / Orange - Rear Right Speaker (-)
    • Pin 2: Green - Rear Right Speaker (+)
    • Pin 3: Brown - Rear Left Speaker (-)
    • Pin 4: Brown / White - Rear Left Speaker (+)
    • Pin 5: White - Front Right (-)
    • Pin 6: Red - Front Right (+)
    • Pin 7: Black / White - Front left (-)
    • Pin 8: Black / Brown - Front Left (+)
    • Pin 9: Black - Ground (see note below)
    • Pin 10: Pink / Black - Switched power, connect to red wire in aftermarket harness.
    • Pin 11: White / Blue - Dimmer, not typically used for an aftermarket radio
    • Pin 12: Green / Black - Illumination, thanks twizyours
    • Pin 13: Blue / Red - Constant Power aka Battery aka Memory, connect to yellow wire in aftermarket harness.
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-harness.jpg
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-finished1.jpg
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-finished2.jpg
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-finished3.jpg
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-finished4.jpg
    • Aux Input cables are located in the glove box (3.5mm + USB)
  • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Installing Aftermarket Stereo-finished5.jpg