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This tutorial is from xswimordiex on the forums.

What You Need[edit]

  • 8mm Socket
  • 10mm Socket
  • Flathead and Philips Screwdrivers
  • Oven
  • Paint
    • This tutorial uses Rustoleum hi temp flat black barbecue paint. make sure you get a high temp dont want those catching fire! dunno if it gets hot enough, but just to be safe.
    • Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-paintcan.jpg


ok so to get the headlights off you have to take off the bumper. it's pretty straightforward but there's some tricky parts. unbolt the mudguards on the bottom and the two 10mm bolts attaching it to the undercarriage. then get up under the fender well and unbolt the two 10mm bolts attaching it to the fenders. unscrew the screws along the top of the bumper grill area. now before you try to pull off the bumper make sure you push in the little tabs under the outer part of the headlight, you can push em down with a thin flathead screwdriver. it looks like this close up...
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img1.jpg
and it's located right here on the headlight
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img2.jpg
so the bumper should come right off after that. don't worry about taking all the fog light and turn light stuff off, you can just rest the bumper right in front of the car like so....
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img3.jpg
so after that is off you can start unbolting the headlights. there are three 10mm bolts holding it to the frame. before you pull it off though take off the bumper support brackets from the bumper support beam. otherwise it'll be tough to get the lights out. that thing looks like this...
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img4.jpg
make sure you unplug all the lights first! then the headlight should come right out! ok next step, getting the light ready for the ez bake oven. the oven heats the urethane or whatever it is that holds the lens on, and makes it easy to take apart.
you dont need to take too much off just the rubber thing that goes around the low beam and that thing with the tab that holds the bumper on i mentioned earlier. also take out this little screw...
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img5.jpg
that screw holds in that side of the lens, so easy to take it off while it's still cool. ok it's ready!
get your oven to 200, shouldn't take long. get a cookie sheet and put a small towel on it, and put your headlight on that. then just plop it in the oven for 10 minutes
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img6.jpg
after the 10 minutes is up pull it out (wear gloves! mecanix or the home depot ones i have, cuz the light will be hot!) now to get the light apart just use some flathead screwdrivers and gently pry it loose from the tabs and apart from the housing. be patient here or you'll put some dents in the housing. so once that's completely off, you just have to unscrew the two screws holding the bezel onto the lens.

now comes the long part. sanding. i used a foam 150 grit pad to get the majority and then a scotch brite to get those fun little spots that are hard to get to.
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img7.jpg
so once the lights are all nice and scuffed and smooth, make sure they are clean. then you paint them! i put a few coats. just make sure it's all coated and not to paint too fast or you'll make it run. and let the paint dry a little inbetween coats. then place em in the sun but out of wind for like 30 minutes or so if using the rustoleum
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img8.jpg
so once they are dry enough to touch, put em back into the lens and screw em back on. then place them back on the bezel and push em as far as they'll go and put them back into the oven at 200degrees for like 5 minutes. take em out and push the lens all the way on. here's me pushing...
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img9.jpg
make sure it's sealed all the way around like this!
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img10.jpg
aint that pretty.

so after that you just put everything back on. dont forget that small screw that holds the edge of the lens on. and make sure you dont have spare parts and then take pictures to show everyone!
Mazda Guide-Protege 5-Headlight Blackout-img11.jpg
so all in all it took about a total of 4 hours or so cuz i had food halfway through. but i am very pleased with the results. hope you guys enjoy!