Maths Manic!!/Level1

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Time alowed:

1 Alyssa picked 4 apples and 2 pears from the orchard. She gave 3 apples to Keith. How many apples does Alyssa have left ?

2 Sally has 4 books that need to be separated equally into book shelves. Sally has books by 8 authors. How many shelves will Sally need if a shelf holds 2 books each?

3 There were a total of 12 football games in the season, and 2 are played at night. The season is played for 3 months. How many games were played each month, if each month has the same number of games?

4 Sam picked 3 oranges and Fred picked 9 oranges from a tree. Nancy picked 7 apples from a tree. How many total oranges were picked ?

5 There are 9 rulers and 2 scissors in the drawer. Alyssa added 8 more rulers in the drawer. How many rulers in total are there ?

6 Tim had 8 quarters and 6 dimes. His dad takes away 4 dimes from him. How many dimes remain for Tim ?

7 Benny, Keith, Alyssa, and Tim each have 4 Pokemon cards. Keith has 5 baseball cards. How many Pokemon cards do they have in all ?

8 There are 2 children in the classroom, each student will get 3 pencils and 8 erasers. How many pencils will the teacher have to give out ?

9 There were a total of 7 soccer games per month, and 2 are played at night. The season is played for 8 months. How many games are in the season ?

10 Alyssa has 6 books and she has read 2 books since yesterday. Alyssa gave away 5 of her books. How many books does Alyssa have left ?