Mathematics of the Jewish Calendar/Further reading

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Some suggestions for further reading

Books[edit | edit source]

  • Burnaby, Sherard B. (1901): Elements of the Jewish and Muhammadan Calendars, Geo. Bell & Sons
    • Burnaby was a Church of England minister. While this book is very reliable on the mathematics of the calendar, it has many errors regarding the Jewish religion. The book may be downloaded here. There are a number of errors in the table on page 295 in the book, which details the 61 types of 19-year cycle.

  • Gandz, Solomon (1956) Sanctification of the New Moon, Yale University Press
    • An annotated edition of the laws of the Jewish calendar as given by Moses Maimonides.

  • Greenfield, M. (1963) 150 Year Calendar
    • Gives basic calendar information for 240-2240 and more detailed data for 1950-2100

  • Guggenheimer, H. W (1998) Seder Olam: The Rabbinic View of Biblical Chronology
    • This book is the basis for the calculation that according to the Bible, the world was created in 3761 BCE.

  • Reingold, Edward M. and Dershowitz, Nachum (2008): Calendrical Calculations (3rd ed), Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-0521702386
    • Gives algorithms for calculating the Jewish and many other calendars.

  • Richards, E. G. (1998): Mapping Time, The Calendar and its History, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-850413-6

  • Schamroth, Julian (1998): A Glimpse of Light, Feldheim, ISBN 1-56871-136-0
    • Another annotated edition of the laws of the Jewish calendar as given by Moses Maimonides.

  • Schocken, W. A. (1976): The Calculated Confusion of Calendars: Puzzles in Christian, Jewish and Moslem Calendars, Vantage Press
    • Gives various formulae for computing these calendars

  • Seidelmann, P. Kenneth (1992): Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, University Science Books, ISBN 0-935702-68-7: Chapter 12: Calendars (pages 575-608)

  • Shneer, J. A. (2020): The Jewish Calendar and the Torah, 5th edition, Palos Verdes Historical Press. ((ISBN: 978-1-67800-545-0))

  • Spier, A. (1986): The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar (3rd ed.), Feldheim, ISBN 0-87306-398-8
    • Gives parallel Jewish and Gregorian calendars for 1900-2100.

  • Stern, Sacha (2001): Calendar and Community, a History of the Jewish Calendar, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-827034-8

Web sites[edit | edit source]