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Nintendo WFC

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Mario Kart DS was the first on-line Nintendo DS game. Though the official service is now discontinued, this section of the guide remains relevant for those using 3rd party servers, as well as a historical document.

In on-line mode you can race against up to four people from around the world.

There is a choice of four modes

  1. Regional: Race against people from your region
  2. Worldwide: Race against people from around the world
  3. Friends: Race against people on your friends list
  4. Rivals: Race against people with a similar ability as yourself

Once you select a mode the game will start searching for 3 other people to race against. If 3 people can not be found you may race against fewer people.

Game Progress

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The game takes place over four races. The player with the most points after the fourth race wins, but all characters can get wins and losses. You get one win for everybody you got more points than, but you also get one loss for everybody who gets more points that you. This makes it possible to get wins and losses at the same time. At this time players may choose to continue racing or quit. If two or more players choose to continue, a new game will begin with those players.


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Every player gets to select a course. The course selected by the most players is the course used. If there is a tie, the course used is chosen at random.

Several of the more complex and/or obstacle-ridden courses were disabled for online play due to possible latency issues. The courses available in on-line mode shown in these tables:

Nitro Grand Prix
# Mushroom Cup WFC Flower Cup WFC Star Cup WFC Special Cup WFC
1 Figure-8 Circuit Yes Desert Hills Yes DK Pass Yes Wario Stadium Yes
2 Yoshi Falls Yes Delfino Square Yes Tick-Tock Clock No Peach Gardens No
3 Cheep Cheep Beach Yes Waluigi Pinball No Mario Circuit Yes Bowser Castle No
4 Luigi's Mansion Yes Shroom Ridge No Airship Fortress No Rainbow Road Yes
Retro Grand Prix
# Origin Shell Cup WFC Banana Cup WFC Leaf Cup WFC Lightning Cup WFC
1 SNES Mario Circuit 1 Yes Donut Plains 1 No Koopa Beach 2 No Choco Island 2 Yes
2 N64 Moo Moo Farm Yes Frappe Snowland Yes Choco Mountain Yes Banshee Boardwalk No
3 GBA Peach Circuit Yes Bowser Castle 2 No Luigi Circuit No Sky Garden Yes
4 GCN Luigi Circuit Yes Baby Park Yes Mushroom Bridge No Yoshi Circuit Yes