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Mario Kart 64

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Mario Kart 64 in a Nintendo 64.
Mario Kart 64 on display at a museum.

This wikibook is a strategy guide for the Nintendo 64 game, Mario Kart 64.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

  • Controls 75%.png - These are the controls for playing the game.
  • Modes 25%.png - These are the different modes of the game.
  • Characters 50%.png - These are the playable characters.
  • Items 75%.png - These are the usable items.

General tips[edit | edit source]

Courses[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Cup[edit | edit source]

Flower Cup[edit | edit source]

Star Cup[edit | edit source]

Special Cup[edit | edit source]

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