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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time/Hollijolli Village

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This page will guide you on how to beat Hollijolli Village in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

Getting started

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Mario and Luigi have traveled back in time to a younger Mushroom Kingdom! The question is, can they find their way back to their present time? You will meet Stuffwell, a living suitcase sent to you by Professor E. Gadd. Press START to open Stuffwell, who will then teach you the basics. Press START again to close him. The time hole will disappear. Hit the Save Album before going any further. Use the direction pad to move into the next room, where Stuffwell will teach you the basic controls. Mario jumps whenever you press "A". Luigi jumps whenever you press "B". You will come across some gaps, which can be cleared by pressing "A" and "B" at the same time. Then you will see a batch of red and green blocks. Red blocks respond only to Mario, and green blocks respond only to Luigi. Clear all the blocks, and the path to the next room opens. After a cutscene, you will be taken to a platform that resembles a giant mushroom, where you will have another tutorial. Jump on the Shrooblet. In the battle, Stuffwell teaches you how to battle as Mario and Luigi. Just like in the overworld, Mario will use "A" and Luigi will use "B". After winning the battle, continue traveling up the mushroom platform. Before long, a Shrooblet comes down and knocks Luigi on the head. Stuffwell will teach you how to use items. Use a mushroom to heal Luigi back to full health. You don't have to fight the remaining Shrooblets, but it is highly recommended that you do; this will give you enough experience points to get both Mario and Luigi up to Level 3. Proceed right, and you will enter Hollijolli Village and witness yet another tragic cutscene.

In the village

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Once in the village, find the mayor's house. Once inside, you will discover him stuck in the chimney. Listen to his story, then walk into the chimney and jump to free him. The good news is, he has been released from the chimney, onto the ground outside his home. The bad news is, he is now at the mercy of three Shroobs. Leave the house and witness him be abducted. You will enter a battle against the Shroobs. Don't worry about this battle. You can't win it. As soon as the battle begins, one of the Shroobs calls a time bomb with a countdown of three turns; after three turns, the time bomb will explode and knock out Mario and Luigi. Even though you can't win this battle, use this battle as an opportunity to practice your dodging skills by jumping to evade the Shroobs' laser attack. After you are defeated, the Shroobs will laugh repeatedly, and the game will cut to the Koopa Cruiser. After a cutscene, you will control Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. The controls for the babies are similar to those of the adults, with the only difference being that Baby Mario jumps with "X" and Baby Luigi jumps with "Y". Practice this new technique to collect some coins, two mushrooms, a Mushroom Drop, and a 1-Up Mushroom. In the next room, hit the Save Album. If you are attentive, you may notice that unlike the adults, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi start at Level 3 right off the bat. Head up the stairs and watch a lengthy cutscene where Baby Bowser battles the Shroobs. After the cutscene, you will be ejected from the Koopa Cruiser and sent on a quest to find Mario and Luigi. Not to worry, they are not too far. Head to the spot where you lost to the Shroobs a little while ago, and you will enter a second battle against them, this time using Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Baby Mario uses "X" and Baby Luigi uses "Y". Toadsworth will give you five Green Shells and teach you how to use them. After you defeat the two Shroobs, you will be taken back to the Koopa Cruiser for another long cutscene. Toadsworth tells you that the Peach's Castle of that era has been turned into a hostile Shroob fortress, fittingly known as Shroob Castle, by the Shroobs, and that the leader, Princess Shroob, resides there. A missile from Shroob Castle hits the Koopa Cruiser head on, sending it and its entire crew crash landing into Bowser's Castle.