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दिंडी = dindi; a ritual pilgrmage in Maharashtra

  • दिंडी = dinDi; a ritual pilgrmage in Maharashtra.
  • पगडी = pagaDi; alternate पागोटे = pAgoTe The pinkish red turban traditional Marathi head gear.
  • उपरणे = uparaNe; a cotton maffalar/stroll (many times used like a long cotton napkin)
  • कुर्ता = kurtA; a cotton shirt with long slieves
  • धोती = dhoti; a traditional cotton attire for men instead of trousers.
  • घागर = ghAgar; a water pot (carried on the head by woman in this picture)
  • चोळी = choLi; a blouse for women used with the sari a traditional attire
  • नऊवारी= na,uvAri; a nine yard cotton sari a traditional attire.
    • alternatively लुगडे = lugaDe; sari (in literal sense a cloth woven on loom cloth weaving is one of the oldest tradition in this part of the world.