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Marathi months does not exactly match with English. There are time periods in English months which actually maps to Marathi months.

Here i provide some information about Marathi months. When i was in school teachers learned us these Marathi months but these day you can only see this informaton in one corner of Marathi calendar.

List of Months-

1) चैत्र -Chaitra- April to May Chaitra begin with new moon. First month of year it celebrate with Gudi Padwa,its moth of springs and holi. This is first month of hindu calendar.

2) वैशाख-Vaishakh- May to June Vaishakh is season of crop harvesting. Second month of hindu calendar.

3) ज्येष्ठ- Jeshta – June to July Maharashtra celebrate vat purnima in this month. Third month of hindu calendar.

4) आषाढ/ आकाड- Ashad/akad- July to August Gurupurnima and ashadi ekadashi celebrate in this month. Fourth month of hindu calendar.

5) श्रावण-Shravan – August to September Celebrating Naagpanchimi and Narali purnima in this month. Fifth month of hindu calendar.

6) भाद्रपद-Bhadrapad- September to October This is festive of Ganesh chaturthi which celebrate in Maharashtra. Sixth month of hindu calendar.

7) आश्विन- Ashwin -October to November Navratri, Durga puja, Kojagiri, Dasra, Diwali these all festival celebrate in ashwin month. Seventh month of hindu calendar.

8) कार्तिक -Kartik- November to December Bhaubeej celerate in kartik month. Eighth month of hindu calendar.

9) मार्गशीर्ष – Margashirshya – Dec to January Margashirsh Lakshmi puja means worship of godess lakshmi in this month. Ninth month of hindu calendar.

10) पौष/पुस – Paush/pus – Jan to February Paush amavasya celebrate in this month. Tenth month of hindu calendar.

11) माघ – Maagh- February to March Mahashivratri celebrate in this month. Where people worship lord Mahadev. And celebrating Makar sankranti. Eleventh month of hindu calendar.

12) फाल्गुन – faalgun – March to April This is last month in hindu calendar. Celebrate holi in this month. Twelve month of hindu calendar.