Marathi/Family Relationships

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English Marathi Pronunciation
Mother आई Āī
Father बाबा Bābā
Sister बहिण Bahiņ
Brother भाऊ Bhāū
Grandfather आजोबा Ājobā
Grandmother आजी Ājī
Maternal Uncle मामा Māmā
Maternal Uncle's wife मामी Māmī
Maternal Aunt मावशी Māvshī
Paternal Uncle काका Kākā
Paternal Uncle's wife काकी Kākī
Paternal Aunt आत्या Ātyā
Brother of your husband दीर Dīr
Sister of your husband नणंद Naņand
Brother of your wife मेव्हणा Mevhņā
Sister of your wife मेव्हणी Mevhnī
Elder sister of your wife ताई Tāī
Wife of your brother वहिनी Vahinī
husband of your Sister दाजी Dājī
Father of your spouse सासरे Sāsre
Mother of your spouse सासू Sāsū
Friend मित्र Mitra