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Number exercises[edit| edit source]

Sero[edit| edit source]

Zero is conveniently sero in mapuzugun. It takes almost sero effort to learn.

From "kiñe" to "kecu"[edit| edit source]

"Kiñe, epu, kvla, meli" in colours[edit| edit source]

Visualize the picture below in your head, four numbers in a kind of a circle.

  • The big yellow one to the left. The word meli reminds abit of a yellow mellon.
  • Epu to the right, blue like water.
  • How do you remember the green and the red?

1 - kiñe
2 - epu
3 - kvla
4 - meli
5 - kecu

Kecu - memory exercise[edit| edit source]

The first three letters in kecu sounds like the first part of the word ketchup . Organic Heinz Tomato Ketchup.jpg

Crossword[edit| edit source]

1 - kiñe
2 - epu
3 - kvla
4 - meli
5 - kecu

Try to fit the names of the numbers in the crossword.


Alka - reading about roosters[edit| edit source]

One rooster and one man.
Kiñe alka ka kiñe wenxu.

Micheal and his rooster.jpg


ka - and
caw - father
fotvm - son

Meli alka ka kiñe wenxu
Kecu caw ka kiñe fotvm
Epu caw ka kvla alka

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