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What are you doing here?[edit | edit source]

Dear reader, you are most welcome! I ask the question for you to think about what makes you motivated and in which ways you learn the best. Motivation is situation-based, if you are motivated depends on many factors. Did someone force you to learn mapudungun? Probably not. Would you be motivated by that pressure? Or do you need there to be no pressure? What makes you unmotivated for a certain task? How do you avoid those things?

Are you a listener?[edit | edit source]

Every student learns things in a unique way. Different circumstances makes it easier or harder for a person to learn. Motivation is a huge part. Other parts include if you learn best by listening to a teacher, by teaching others, by working in groups or alone.

  • Does visual beauty help you learn, do colours and shapes make you remember things easier?
  • Do you learn best by moving around, or sitting still? Do you like having music in the background?
  • Do you need a pen and paper to write things down or to draw something to stimulate your brain?
  • Do you want to learn something by taking easy lessons first and then harder ones? Maybe you like to go straight for the hardest lessons and browse the easier ones as needed.

The exercises in this wikibook will use different ways to make learning easier, choose the exercises that fit you the best and do not bother with those that do not work for you.

What is your goal?[edit | edit source]

How do you know that you have learned something? Often the feeling of knowing more of a language comes in waves. You can study but not feel that you know more, than one day you end up having to use the language and you notice that it works a little bit better than before.

Teacher or no teacher[edit | edit source]

There is a quotation that reads "people learn quite a lot in school despite the presence of teachers". Are you accustomed to learn without the interference of a teacher or are you used to lessons being planned by the teacher?