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Date: July 16, 2014- October 31, 2014

Middle 2014[edit | edit source]

  • Summer 2014: Jabril becomes a meme, mostly because of how he speaks.
  • Late June-Early July 2014: The Anti Trio Coalition war starts as a result of Trio's bullying of Ethan. Most of the war is fought on YouTube and Game Mania Wiki.
  • July 13th, 2014: 4 Rounds are hosted on Mount & blade: Warband during it's free weekend on the Mapperdonian Week. The participants were Zukas, Zephyrus, 99batran, SuperMind1337.
  • Thelolistan broke happy's record in the longest spam.
  • Percy started the promotion of the first mapping movie ever made, by making ON trailers for the mappers and inviting them to host them as their own videos.
  • A Mapperdonian Civil war begins
  • Suburn9000 leaves the wiki
  • Finn Mapper becomes the first mapper to have an outro.
  • August 1st, 2014: Arcy's unblock date.
  • Elections for the wiki is planned to start
  • Elections are planned to be canceled as they prefer handpicking people than just electing people just because they are popular. Also Vandals and Barbarians are able to infiltrate their ranks if they do.
  • August 12th, 2014: MrOwnerAndPwner surpasses Demod in subscribers.
  • August 18th, 2014: The First Half-Mapping vid that was shown in a educational system occurs, it made by MrOwnerandPwner.
  • August 18th, 2014: Mapperdonian Civil War ends- Sunburn is blocked but however, he still occasionally harasses on Skype.
  • Happydance is banned from the wikia for a month because of contact with Disturbed.
  • The idea of a Mapperdonian micronation is revived.
  • Mappers begin doing full dubs to other languages a while after Hardkor did polish dubs.
  • Sunburn founds his wiki.
  • TheBronyPenguin vandalizes The Religious Divide page.

Late 2014[edit | edit source]

  • 22 Mapping Branches as of September 4th, 2014.
  • Thumboy leaves the wiki.
  • John Cullen joins the wiki and takes screenshots of MrOwnerandPwner's video, and claims them as his own spinoff, he also post drawn out, over the top comments and is suspected of being a troll. He is blocked from the wiki.
  • Mapperdonian Mythology is been created, setting a period of possible rebirth in arts and culture.
  • John Cullen returns to the Wikia.
  • Happydance9 returns to the wikia after the monthly ban.
  • Kolenel Heart popularizes Map Games, so more map games are created.
  • Ethan bully Happy via blog messages, thus Happy declares war on 4th October 2014. Ethan and Happy make a truce and are at peace, and Ethan's War ends, despite Ethan and Wumpchump having a feud.
  • Government is reformed and elections are being introduced.
  • Exiled or former TFOE WIKI mappers began to populate Sunburn's Wiki
  • A reformist movement begins to make way in the wiki. Spearheaded by MrAmericanMapper and JayLastname several negotiations took place with the admins on a possibility of a constitution. Ultimately failing as 3/4 of the voters opposed it MrAmericanMapper had begun to start talking with the admins along with several new mappers in a chat. Once there the news Jay had declared war reached them, and so began a standoff between two wikis....
  • JayLastname declares The Anniversary War against Sunburn9000's separatist wiki on October 6, 2014 at 8:41 PM, thinking that Sunburn making his own wikia was a declaration of war.
  • There is much confusion throughout the community if the war was even declared. However, the majority of the TFOE wiki joined in on the "war".
  • Sunburn's wiki Anti-War Protests back in Sunburn's wiki temporarily crippled it.
  • Many Anti-War Protestors of the TFOE wiki attempts to vandalize the TFOE wiki but quickly stops, mostly about the newest war pages.
  • Many map games are halted.
  • Michigan Mapper becomes openly hostile to Happydance9.
  • The Ethan-Mapmaker Superiority war starts as Ethan wants Mapmaker's relations to be improved.
  • Ethan declares White Peace and the war ends.
  • John Cullen returns for a third time, this time targeting Goldenrebel, taking screenshots of his video and calling them his own.
  • After constant bullying from TKAFan, Happy declares war but adds a peace treaty to ensure a new friendship between the two. War has been paused- and a war will be decided depending on the choice of Accept or Deny.
  • Numan declares war on MrAmericanMapper, was a joke afterwards stemming from a nation dispute in a chat.
  • The Armenian Mapper (an alt) joins the wiki (not likely an identity theft because he never respond). He later (claimed to be either sunburn or trio) attacked the wiki, he was chat banned by zukas for speaking foreign where english is the language of the wiki and later got banned by batran.
  • Many mappers join the wikia, at least 2 every day.