Mapping on YouTube/Second Recession Era

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Date: May 30, 2014-June 17, 2014

Middle 2014[edit | edit source]

  • Anarchist protests start to rise in the wikia
  • Sunburn founds the "one legit faction".
  • The GAA (Grand Arabic Alliance) refuses to let go of their faction.
  • GCA refuses to let go of their faction and forms the NSF with the TRA
  • GMA-UPMU (or Goldo-Batran Pact/Commonwealth) is not really optimistic enough to let go of their faction yet
  • MUC has been dismantled by Ethan.
  • JabrilAbu97 becomes the first middle eastern mapper.
  • Two began to distract the mapping wiki.
  • Mappers begin to reach 100.
  • GAA expended its alliance with their friends.
  • The HDA and NMA form a pact.
  • The SAA declare their independence.
  • Tenth Wiki War.
  • MrOwnerandPwner creates a unique text and background. Several others join in too making the wikia a bit colorful.
  • NSF declares war at GCA II. Most support the NSF. (War of GCA II's Sovereignity)
  • QME falls apart when Ironhand and Philipp agree to separate from QME and from NMA again.
  • TRA is renamed to TRD, GanDaiMe11 becomes sole leader of the lands of former TRA.
  • The Coalition forms when both NSF and GBP agree to unify.
  • Sunburn9000 quits the wiki.
  • People are starting to dislike Happydance9 as MOAP declares war.
  • The GAA and SAA (unrecognised) declares war against MOAP. MansurNejem declares neutrality.
  • The Coalition votes on whom to support in the war. The majority support MOAP. And thus go to war with Happy and the "MAA".
  • DisturbedFan declares war on Happydance9.
  • Ethan declares war on Happydance9.
  • Sunburn9000 rejoins the wiki to help Ethan and MOAP.