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Middle 2012[edit | edit source]

  • TheJarjar99 creates the first mapping series since THOE by MervueMeringue. Thus ushering in a new era of mapping.
  • MapAnimator creates his first series, it was called The Future of Europe.
  • First HD video in 1080p, 99batran does not know how to set the quality to 1080p or 720p, since he's too lazy to make it HD and he makes it like the older series to make it like the older History of Europe.
  • Ethan creates his nation called Talin.
  • 99batran's community is growing quicker due to people are creating its common ways of the future such as the present day Europe.
  • Disturbedfan1100 creates his series.
  • The first generation of the TFOE series and The Tybers, Mamporia , Brabrantium and Talin are the most popular official nations.
  • As the community is growing the wiki is founded for editing details and more..
  • Brabrantium, Mamporia and Talin become popular, and The Tybers was created by MapAnimator.
  • The first official nation that is non-fictional, MapAnimator calls it The Abbasids.