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Early 2014[edit | edit source]

  • The Seventh Wiki War. It begins with the accidental declaration of war by Multi Mappers, followed by Goldenrebel25 and MrOwnerandPwner, who both guarantee Multi's Independence. Soon the entire AAA is involved.
  • MikiPL004 joins the wikia and tries to help in Seventh Wiki War against Arcy, but he is still unknown to the community and cancels his intervention.
  • Arcy is blocked until July 2014 by 99Batran, to end the Seventh Wiki War. The Great Peaceful Era Starts with GMA as a rising superpower.
  • The AAA is disbanded.
  • Some Inactive mappers are starting to return
  • As he promised, Goldenrebel25 returns to the wiki just minutes after Arcy is blocked.
  • As a result of Arcy's block, MrOwnerandPwner becomes the first admin besides 99Batran for his efforts against Arcy.
  • Goldenrebel25 and EthanConquistador start healing the wiki from what Arcy did.
  • 99Batran changes the Wiki Icon.
  • Multi and Ethanconquistador countinue to add nations.
  • Nationballs are added by Disturbedfan1100 and MrOwnerandPwner.
  • More mappers join the wiki in March.
  • Percy creates his first mapping video and joins the Wikia.
  • The Tybers no longer is a popular official nation.
  • QMU is founded by Happydance9 as he breaks off GMA. Trying to bring the community closer together by ironically seceding.
  • 99batran revealed that he is friends with Zodiac Gaming in real life, and claims that they are the first 2 mappers to physically meet
  • Ethan creates the Mini Map Game.
  • Hersephelli became a secondary official nation other than Colozeb which is now no longer considered to be secondary.