Mapping on YouTube/First Recession Era

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Date: None Listed

Middle 2013[edit | edit source]

  • MervueMeringue re-enables comments.
  • More mappers go inactive such as MapAnimator and TheJarJar99.
  • MervueMeringue returns!
  • Ethan's channel uploads more quickly than other users since their uploads are slow, likely he just slowed down at recent times.
  • 99batran introduces "the voices", but later it becomes private, everyone thinks it's funny but although 99batran only shows the accents and personalities in his previews.
  • The third generation of TFOE series.
  • 99batran introduces the realism, Guiyii2, also known as Arcy, says to remove the realism idea while 99batran says realism is better than cartoon series, it's unknown when it was approved or rejected.
  • A prediction of a Cultural Era has started, but it seemed to be almost likely.
  • Miracium becomes a "popular" Official Nation.
  • The war territories are slowly increasing to other users as tensions starts to rise in the community. If they cannot resolve it, then it could result in the community to disperse.
  • Third Wiki war.
  • First mapping tests by Goldenrebel25 , but those tests are not uploaded until November.