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Date; November 1, 2014- January 7, 2015

Late 2014[edit | edit source]

  • The NWO page is deleted by Goldenrebel because people are starting to believe that factions can return.
  • Trio (now known as the Comunist (Not communist) Illuminati) declared war on Noobsticks on the GameMania wiki.
  • A second simultaneous war between two "parties" lead by MichiganMapper02 (TKAFan02) and ChemicalFun27(Lisastr27/Yigit) occurs after a dispute on skype, warnings are given by admins but unofficially support MichiganMapper02.
  • Trio memes are created.
  • GCA and TRA is reformed. But is widely unrecognized and condemned.
  • Yigit surrenders to TKAFan.
  • The GameMania wiki is deleted.
  • Trio's block is extended to 10 years for abusing multiple accounts.
  • Multi declares war on Yigit.
  • TKAFan declares war on Numan. Numan, however, ignores it.
  • Olimario declares war on Numan. Numan still ignores any war declaration.
  • Several Map Games have been resumed and Atwar events continue to happen, always being hosted by Zephyrus
  • Mappers continue to join the wikia at large rates
  • Several people invade the wiki with the intention to vassalize the wiki. They are confirmed to be from the alternate history wiki. Cookiedamage makes a brief return. Eventually the leaders of the althis wiki talked with several mappers and made white peace.
  • Macho Mapper continues to harass Gaelic Mapping. Gaelic declares war but wins shortly within 5 minutes making it the third shortest war in mapperdonia history, after the Monsoonjr99 - Nicbill007 War and Disturbed - Golden War.
  • Second Atwar competition is a great fail, only half of players joins the game and the map changes from 7v6 Fall of Napoleon to a 3v3 Yugoslavia War Scenario. Due to later inactivity of Ironhand and Mind, Croatia and Bosnia gain a decisive victory and the game ends after half a hour. Batikan spectates the match and spams in the chat
  • TKAFan and Numan end the war, and the currency/points end.
  • Because of Numan's adding useless events, Golden protects it for only admins which lasts for one week and two days.
  • Batikan Bora returns as UnknownMapper. He is soon blocked.
  • 14 November 2014: First African mapper, TheCreator901.
  • 26 November 2014: Mind1337 starts his trial as the Thanksgiving 2014 admin, he becomes the 4th admin if he is well in a month.
  • 1 December 2014: Trio returns as Pymboy, and got blocked on December 1st.
  • 3 December 2014: CorrosiveDragon joins the Wikia under the name of Viperiia.
  • The Great Mapperdonian Purge begins when several mappers declare war on Lisastr and Numan.
  • Opret joins the wiki and trolls some mappers. Shortly after, Scamps joins the wiki and annoys more mappers. They are both blocked.
  • After Kemzi realised that his account was 'banned', rumours of the <13 age got banned with exception of Ethan spread by Kemzi. Shortly after, it was a hoax.
  • FerdinandDoesMapping spams Opret Alts to annoy Mind on chat. He says that he will keep making more, and no ban will stop him.
  • Festive Week begins.
  • Ethan and Olimario declare war on Lassi, who is blocked a day later.
  • Trio Mapping returns as Triomania.
  • Lassi the monster is blocked, and he returns on two more accounts.
  • IngoMapping proposes a government system for Mapperdonia. It gets a bad response.
  • Percy uploads the first ever mapping movie. The film's name is "Mapping: The Movie".
  • Mapmaker declares war on Detrovian after the latter started vandalizing the former map game, it was the last wiki war of 2014.
  • Detrovian is blocked after repetitively calling Mapmaker's side nazis.
  • A conflict erupts between TFOE and Althistory wikis over what seems to be a hacking by a TFOE member. The conflict is resolved after it is revealed to be a misunderstanding.
  • The Future, a new mapping game created by Mapmaker024, becomes popular and successful.

Early 2015[edit | edit source]

  • Opret/Ferdiand makes new accounts on the first day of 2015. Multi bans him and he and Mind revert Oprets vandalizations on Multi's pages.
  • Opret resurfaces again on January 4th. MrAmericanMapper leading a coalition of mappers were to remove the alt. MrAmericanMapper and allies decided to avoid another full scale war and instead MrAmericanMapper contacted Goldenrebel25 and led to the alts removing from the wiki. Opret is expected to continue making alts...
  • The Future becomes so popular that it reached 30 people making large problems for people who are impatient.
  • 5 January 2015: Fake religions are growing because of the 'holy war' made by Demod against Ethan. From this, a couple fake Holy Wars are declared by Monsoonjr99 and Java Sea.
  • 5 January 2015: Happydance9 leaves the wiki.
  • Mapperdonian January begins as some kind of a book or something but resembles a bit of Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • 6 January 2015: Monsoonjr99 declares war on starring94 over starring batikaning wiki pages and trying to delete Mapperdonian history.
  • 7 January 2015: An edit war happened in two pages, Wiki Wars and the Monsoonjr-Starring as Ethan attempts to delete it, Olimario interferes and an edit war happens. Over 120 edits are made.