Mapping on YouTube/(Fall of the)QMU Era

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Date: None Listed

Early 2014[edit | edit source]

  • 99batran and MrOwnerandPwner are elected as new leaders of the UPMU.
  • The Great Crisis, Communism vs anti-Communists where mappers choose sides.
  • Arcy 2 Page was deleted to avoid tension and making it seem like there will be war.
  • Spotty2012 becomes a mapper, Goldenrebel25 and Spotty2012 are friends in real life, making them the first confirmed mappers to know each other in real life.
  • Percy proposes TCA, a council for the alliances, but it was never used.
  • The Rogue alliance is formed by Gandaime11.

Middle 2014[edit | edit source]

  • A 'revolt' occurres in the QMU.
  • A Peace treaty is signed by HappyDance9, Ironhand21 and Phillip Mapping.
  • After the revolt breaks from QMU and forms the NMA, the remaining QMU rename to HDA.
  • NMA and HDA become allies after the revolt.
  • GMA elections take place.
  • Ethan purposes an idea on a new council called the UCMC.
  • Ethan and Percy merge the ideas of the council into one.
  • MUC is 'separated' from GCA (sort of) in the message that 99batran said. But isn't recognized yet or establish good relations of MUC.
  • Vandalism spreads over the wiki on removing information on factions. The vandal is blocked. There might be a slight chance that the 'superiors' will take over the wiki as that user said. But it was a joke.