Mandarin Chinese/Pinyin/I and N

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Simple Finals[edit | edit source]

Vowel Pronunciation IPA English Example
i ee* i bee

* After zh, sh, ch z, s, c and r, "i" is pronounced b'''i'''t (ɪ)

Compound Finals[edit | edit source]

i- can begin a final, and in general is pronounced y-. In fact, it is changed as such when it has no initial

Final Pronunciation IPA Example
ai eye eye
ei ey e hey
ia yeah ja German "Ja!"
ie yeh yet

Nasal Finals[edit | edit source]

Final Pronunciation IPA Example
an ahn an Ann
en uhn ʊn won
ian yahn jan No Example
in een in No Example

In Short...[edit | edit source]

  • i is pronounced ee, except after zh, sh, ch, z, s, c and r
  • Here it is bit
  • ai is "eye"
  • ei is hey
  • i- is y-

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