Manchu/Elementary Lesson 1

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Sound record of the text.

A: Saiyūn?

E: Saiyūn?

A: Si ya ba de genembi?

E: Bi sejen tatan de genembi. Si ya ba de genembi?

A: Bi tacikū de genembi.

E: Si tacisi inuo?

A: Inu. Si inu tacisi inuo?

E: Waka. Bi weilesi inu.

Word List[edit]

Sound record of the word list.
Word Translation
saiyūn hello
si you
ya which
ba place
... de genembi go to ...
bi I
sejen vehicle
tatan station
tacikū school
tacisi student
inuo are you ...?
inu am, is, are, etc.
inu also
waka be not
weilesi worker

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