Managing your business with anyPiece/Order Management/Product/How to add product alias?

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Product alias is use for managing multiple part number that might belong to same product.


Once the product have turn into product alias, it won't be able to use over in staging area and receiving area


  1. Go to Order Management > Product
  2. Select one of the existing product. Please do note that you are required to use the primary product. Primary product is the real product that will be use by staging area.
  3. Click on Product Alias
  4. Click [Add New]
  5. Type in the secondary product name.
  6. Click [Save]
  7. If you are doing correctly, try to search for secondary product name in the dashboard. The secondary product name will be shown like below
WASTE DVD [Product Alias: 1]

What is Primary Product and Secondary Product[edit]

Primary product is the product that will be use back in staging

example In staging, you would like to store product no A-01-01 which is apple. During PO creation, you would like to call apple into "APPL - Super apple". Base on the example provide, A-01-01 apple is the primary product while APPL - Super apple is the secondary product name