Managing your business with anyPiece/Inventory system for recycle business/Admin inbound

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Admin inbound is the final stage where the user will be handling the receiving of the goods. On this stage, the user can choose to return the goods to vendor or accept it into inventory. On this same process, you are able to change the purchase price.

Quick guide[edit]


Some of my GRN cannot be confirm yet but I need to allocate PO number for it first. How do I do that?[edit]

GRN doesn't required to be confirmed before assigned PO. The moment you have click "generate PO" on the admin inbound screen, it will take the current price and product to create new PO. The only thing link between the GRN and the PO is the number only. The rest of the detail will not be link.

Which of the price should be the real purchase price?[edit]

The price is admin inbound only

Why my price in PO is not update back to the admin inbound screen?[edit]

As some of the GRN doesn't have PO, we are not able to treat PO as master price list.

Why there are NO PO situation?[edit]

As some of the seller are not from company but walk in/impromptu seller, that's why there are no po generated for them. Again, this is base on business logic and can be configure.

Why when I try to "Find PO" but I can't find anything?[edit]

Find PO by default will search the company which the GRN belong to and under draft. If you wish to search all GRN, just tick "Show all"