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If you use Font Book:

  • First close all applications.
  • Search for installed copies of the font with the Finder's Search and remove them from all system font files.
  • Open the font with FontLab 4.5 or higher (or your own favorite font manipulation application). BTW: This doesn't work with all kinds of file formats.
  • Choose from the File menu; Generate Font.
  • From the popupwindow Font Format button, change 'FontLab' to 'OpenType-CFF' and save the file.
  • By The Way: Do yourself a favour and choose a descriptive name, like TemplateGothicBold instead of temgotbol or something like that and avoid spaces. OS X doesn't have a problem with spaces, but a lot of others systems, like on the internet do.
  • Double-click the new .otf file and install it by clicking the button in the popup window.