Mac OS X Tiger/Networking your Mac

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A Network is essentially a group of computers hooked up by cable or wireless signal. Networks are especially important these days, since they let you share high-speed Internet connections among more than one computer. This chapter will show you how to set up and maintain your very own network of all Macs or a mix of Macs and PCs.

Types of Network Connections[edit]


Setting Up[edit]


Airport (Wireless Networking)[edit]

Setting Up[edit]



Setting Up[edit]

Things You Can Do On A Network[edit]

Share an Internet Connection[edit]

You can share your Internet connection by opening System Preferences, and selecting the Sharing pane. Go to the Internet tab, and use the drop-down menu to choose which connection to share. Then check the box(es) of the interfaces you want to share your connection through. If you are sharing through AirPort press the AirPort Options... button to configure the wireless network. Now press the Start button to start sharing your connection. The Start button will change to Stop, which you can press to stop sharing.

Share Files[edit]

Mount a Network Disk[edit]

Samba Shares[edit]

Share a Printer[edit]

Stream Music[edit]