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Mac OS X Leopard

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The dock is mostly on the bottom screen and appears after installation it appears as a mirrored table mirroring the apps that are on it, You are able to drag on and take applications off the dock the only thing that stays is the trash and you may not drag this off it

Folder effects[edit | edit source]

The folder effects on the dock only applies if you have placed a folder on it; they include a preview of your applications without opening the finder, either in stack effect or in groups.

Part 3/System Preferences

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Using System Preferences[edit | edit source]

Fig. 1 - The main screen of System Preferences.

When you open System Preferences, you see the System Preferences main screen. This screen is full of icons, each representing a "pane", or group of controls. System Preferences grouped into Personal, Hardware, Internet & Network, and System rows, and if you have applications that install preference panes, the Other row. As with all other aspects of Leopard, Spotlight is built into the top right corner of the System Preferences menu.

Preference panes[edit | edit source]